• In business since 2002, Applied Mechatronics was started out of a need to better serve the automation needs of the West Coast. We have five office locations to serve you from Portland to San Diego. Applied Mechatronics’ engineers have an average of 25 years of experience in applying motion control into machine design and factory automation applications.  Our strengths in mechanical and electronic automation allow us to offer ‘out-of-the-box’ expertise related to how these products interact with each other and in the real world.

  • Everyone on our team prides themselves in taking a consultative approach to working with the customer.  We realize how busy and thinly spread engineers have become. Our philosophy is to learn as much about our customers’ applications as we can.  This way we can offer suggestions that help optimize the design and avoid pitfalls, while keeping our customers’ cost/performance goal in mind.  Furthermore, we can help with the product sizing and selection process and speak at your level on how our solution will interact with other devices in the machine.

    Our Value Proposition

    Broad inter-industry experience
    -Experience in Industrial, Semiconductor, medical, process and general automation.
    -Can serve customers with best practices drawing from multiple industries for ideas and inspiration.

    Broad Technology Experience
    -Experience programming motion control’s
    -Experience implementing High performance mechanical and lower performance, very cost effective mechanical solutions
    -Motor experience from Steppers, AC Induction and Highest performance Servo’s

  • Our role as a Manufacturers’ Representative is to provide a higher level of product knowledge, long term commitment to our customers and to be that ever-present liaison between between our suppliers and customers, while at the same time sharing our knowledge of solving countless motion control applications.  As a ‘Rep’, we go through frequent factory training on the products we represent, so we are able to speak intelligently about our products and how they fit into your application.

    Manufacturers’ Representatives also have a history of long employment. In the 12 years we’ve been in business, Applied Mechatronics has added staff, yet no one has ever left for other employment. That long term stability benefits customers and our suppliers, as personnel come and go and replacements have to come up to speed. Although often unnoticed, our stability helps avoid pitfalls that could otherwise happen.

    Lastly, our firm has always chosen to hire partners that have a long history in the automation and/or motion control field. Our ‘application vision’ goes beyond the application itself, as we’re able to understand if our products will meet the desired performance criteria, and if they’ll interface correctly electrically and/or dimensionally with other customer devices.

  • AppMech is capable of providing a number of ‘value-add’ solutions. Depending on the complexity, some solutions can come straight from our suppliers. For more complex requirements, we have a network of integrators, programmers, machine shops and contract manufacturers that help us cover every scenario.

          • Product Modifications
          • Custom Control and Mechanical Solutions
          • Start-Up and Programming Services
          • Build-to-print Sub-Assemblies

    Send your requirement to sales@appmech.com or to your respective territory manager on our contacts page. We would be happy to sign an NDA, as required.


  • Packaging


  • Biotech


  • SemiCon


  • Renewable Energy


  • Aerospace


  • Food & Beverage


  • General Automation



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