• Enclosed DC Drives
  • Microprocessor-Based PWM Drives
  • Chassis Four Quadrant Drives
  • General Purpose DC SCR Drive

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For over 60 years, American Control Electronics (ACE) has designed and produced a wide variety of AC & DC electronic control systems and power products used in industrial, commercial, EV, medical, and home automation markets. ACE, based in South Beloit, IL, has also developed several “green” products that control motors from battery and/or photovoltaic power.  All products are designed and built in their United States location, which is both ISO 9001:2008 registered and UL508A certified.  Core product families include:

Wall Voltage DC Drives
ACE has lead the industry with state-of-the-art motor control solutions for DC motors under 5HP. Their 1Q and 4Q wall
voltage drives are powered from a 115 or 230VAC input and can be ordered in a variety of configurations and packages.

Low Voltage Drives
Whether you require a wall voltage or low voltage input, ACE can provide you with a low voltage DC drive to meet your needs. Their micro-processor based designs allow for a variety of output parameters, alarm and diagnostic capabilities and custom logic for battery powered devices.

Actuator Controls
ACE offers a selection of drives that have been configured specifically for actuator control applications. Whether you need automatic cycling or jog mode, or are simply looking for a cost-effective positioning solution, ACE has a variety of options for you.

Custom Controls
Are you not finding what you want in standard control products? Do you need help optimizing a control solution for a specific customer? Their systems capabilities help many OEM customers differentiate their products, simplify their design and increase profitability by offering full service creative design and pro­duction services. Whether you are looking for a communication protocol, HMI control or field-selectable parameters, ACE has microprocessor-based controls that can help you optimize a solution to fit your application.

American Control Electronics Introduction
American Control Electronics Introduction
An introductory video to American Control Electronics
American Control Electronics - 1Q vs. 4Q (Regenerative)
American Control Electronics - 1Q vs. 4Q (Regenerative)
http://www.americancontrolelectronics.com In this video, we explain what the terms 1Q, 4Q, and regenerative mean.
American Control Electronics - Enclosure Ratings: Chassis vs. NEMA 1 vs. NEMA 4X
American Control Electronics - Enclosure Ratings: Chassis vs. NEMA 1 vs. NEMA 4X
http://www.americancontrolelectronics.com This video explains the different type of enclosure options our drives can come in; open chassis, NEMA 1, and NEMA 4X.