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When it comes to automated workflows, where positions have to be approached exactly up to 0.01 millimeter, ELGO position controllers are the ideal tool for this operation. The reason is that controller systems of ELGO offer for both the machine and its operator a high degree of reliable precision and security.

Different solutions are available for different sectors. For example controllers, PLC systems or industrial PCs are products designed by the company engineer according to customer requirements.
Whether for axes positioning, angle adjustment or speed monitoring: ELGO produces all necessary functions of the perfect controller – convenient, efficient and economical.

Not only in the elevator industry highest precision and lasting reliability are necessary. Everywhere, that lengths and radii must be measured, the magnetic based length measuring systems from ELGO set new standards. Even under harshest conditions, such as in woodworking, metal or sheet metal working, the robust systems from ELGO prove very successful.
Due to the contactless scanning the magnetic measuring systems from ELGO are wearless. In addition they are also resistant to moisture and pollution. The measuring systems containing sensor and magnetic tape fit perfect in small spaces and are easy to install. Because of the robust construction of ELGO length measuring sensors they are designed for harsh industrial use.
Whether in the pneumatic, crane or automation technology, whether in robotics, engineering or in the elevator industry: with the length measuring systems from ELGO everything runs precisely and securely.

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