• Profile Rails, 7mm to 65mm
  • Precision Rolled to Ground Ballscrews

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KURODA PRECISION INDUSTRIES LTD. is w widely respected manufacturer of ball screws, stages and linear bearings used for precise linear positioning. With regard to ball screws, KURODA specializes in the manufacture of small to medium diameter ball screws and precision classes.

JENATEC supplies high-quality linear ball screws. Particularly with regard to ball screws, JENATEC is manufacturing custom-made products focused on large diameter ball screws.

Combined, Kuroda Jenatec offers ballscrew diameters from 5mm to 125mm and precision classes from C0 to C10.

In November 2012, KURODA PRECISION INDUSTRIES LTD acquired the JENATEC businesses and integrated both organizations’ product range and services into the global brand of KURODA JENATEC. The synergistic effect of utilizing both companies’ precision technologies allows the new organization to be a truly international manufacturer and supplier of high quality linear and rotary motion components.

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