• Linear & Rotary Guides
  • Single & Multi-Axis Stages
  • Custom Mechatronic Assemblies
  • Precision Components


TPA supplies precision linear and rotary motion components and systems for machine, instrument, device, and vehicle applications. These components include linear bearings of a variety of types, ball screws, shaft couplings, linear motors, thin section ball bearings, turn table bearings, specialty gears, and related components.

TPA’s vast product offering enables us to offer designers the right solution for the application, instead of trying to make a limited offering fit the task. At last count we offer over 10,000 different product types from ultra-high precision to very basic bearing systems and from ultra-high capacity down to the world’s smallest. The Right Product for Each Application.

Although we offer catalogs full of linear bearings, ballscrews, shaft couplings, gears, etc., our greatest successes are when we help you solve a linear motion problem. Often a catalog product will solve most problems. However, new projects tend to push beyond standard product offerings (i.e., load, temperature, size, environment, or something else). In these cases, our engineers can help you find the perfect solution through modification or alternate technologies.

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