About Zero-Max

For over 60 years, Zero-Max, Inc. has created innovative solutions to servo motion control problems worldwide such as shaft couplings, adjustable speed drives and keyless lock bushings. With strategic distribution points located throughout the world, Zero-Max can deliver your motion control solution. The Zero-Max team of application specialists can engineer a solution to meet your motion control requirements.

Zero-Max also offers overload safety couplings for applications where electronic torque limiting is not accurate enough. Torque limiting is available from 3 in-lbs to 3,000 in-lbs.

Zero-Max’ CD and ServoClass disc couplings provide zero backlash, torsional rigidity and high angular and parallel misalignment with very low reactive forces. Unlike competitor’s designs that weaken and wear over time, Zero-Max’ ETP family of keyless bushings incorporate a unique, taper-less design.

The Zero-Max brand is known throughout the world as a mark of quality and performance. With many years of application experience we excel in this area of customer service.

  • Experienced Practical Advice
  • Responsive to our Customers needs
  • Predictable high quality
  • Fast Delivery
  • Integrity
  • High Value
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified

Installation Instructions for Express Keyless Shaft Bushings from ETP

ETP-Classic Keyless Shaft Bushing

Water-Jet Servo Motion Tied to Precision Coupling